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Principal investigators are pressured to keep their spot in the fast lane, postdocs are chasing the elusive permanent contract, and students are keen to make their mark.

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Rather we would include Klug's information as well as keep any information already contained in the article. In the last two paragraphs of the epilogue to the Double Helix, James Watson speaks of those whom he had mentioned: Scientists are ambitious; they want to be the hares leading the race ahead.

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Russian mafia is suspected of having a sizable investment in General Motors via its interest in Canadian auto parts maker Magna International. Your so-called 'bibliography' of: You really do need far more than those three books as major sources, for a start Crick's "What Mad Pursuit" contains numerous valuable references to 'Rosy' so please don't just split hairs over him not working alongside her at KCL as he was a fellow scientist and a close friend as was Odile, his wife and 'Rosy' thought a lot of Crick, to put it mildly.

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Lorenz did not carry out much traditional fieldwork but observed animals near his home. But for many banks, private bankers, hedge funds, law firms, and accounting firms, for leading oil companies like ExxonMobil and BP, as well as for needy borrowers like the Trump Organization, the opportunity to feed on post-Soviet spoils was a godsend.

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To me knowledge, no editor has appointed themselves 'gatekeeper' of this article, and nor should they.

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I really do not see what your problem is. However, the principle of competition, typical of Western societies, destroys any chance of this: Let us imagine that an absolutely unbiased investigator on another planet, perhaps on Mars, is examining human behavior on earth, with the aid of a telescope whose magnification is too small to enable him to discern individuals and follow their separate behavior, but large enough for him to observe occurrences such as migrations of peoples, wars, and similar great historical events.

Rosalind's exemplary courage and integrity were apparent to all when, knowing she was mortally ill, she did not complain but continued working on a high level until a few weeks before her death.

In this sense, we are unconditional allies. This brings me to the last lesson, which is the most important of all.

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Hidden in the small print at the back is the fact that she even used the MS of Wilkins' autobiography before it was actually published, not that it made much difference. The historic underground gay liberation publication containing fabulous articles, news, artwork, photographs, classifieds, and vintage advertisements.

Anyone who reads this article and is interested in reading further about Franklin or the discovery of DNA has plenty of choice in the Further reading, Bibliography and External links sections. At the end of the day, Klug is an original source on REF and deserves far more respect as a former colleague, close friend, and Nobel Prize Winner - and yes, he is still working at the University of Cambridge.

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Parts of the Strand building, the quadrangleand the roof of apse and stained glass windows of the chapel suffered bomb damage in the Blitz. Ross has been Vice Chairman and a major investor since in the Bank of Cyprus, the largest bank in Cyprus, one of the key offshore havens for illicit Russian finance.

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The Past and Promise of Electronic Musicpublished by Prentice Hall in Novemberis the first comprehensive overview of the history of electronic music. Presumably your workplace has software that disables cookies.

To produce a good article Wikipedia should use all sorts of sources, and in fact should present all points of view as neutrally as possible. The Maddox and Sayre books are the only biographies of Franklin that I am aware of, if you would care to point out any other biographies of Franklin I would be happy to reference check them with the article.

Nitramrekcap]] which would be displayed as User: LeRoy "New York, N. Rosalind Franklin: Seeing a woman as a scientist during this time is somewhat rare, so the fact that she has taken up this profession show that she is persistent, dedicated, and smart.

The only problem is that she is undervalued because of her gender. The Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science Physician Assistant Creative Arts Collection aims to encourage and inspire the tradition of art, science and human experience for our PA student professionals.

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Smith Pills and Potions. How I learned to pursue my career at my own pace. By Irene Nobeli Feb. 1,PM. I huff and puff my way up the moderate slope. Even by my own abysmal standards, this is a poor run.

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